Instruction Diamond Sharpener Dianova ® Lapstone Ice

Diamond Sharpener Dianova ® Lapstone Ice

  • Clean tool blades thoroughly of dirt before starting work.
  • Place the edge of the drill against the diamond surface at a slightly steeper edge angle than the insert has and apply a light pressure with your thumb right over the edge. Brown the surface formed by the cutter profile.
  • Brown the cut by moving the brow along the edge. Finish with the fine diamond surface.
  • Never sharpen the side that is facing the ice. Ideally, you’ll be able to feel a raw edge with your fingernail underneath the edge.
  • Test the result by trying the sharpness against the top of your thumbnail.
  • If you want to see where the brow you can mark the edge with a felt pen.
  • If the drill feels too sharp (It acts more like a corkscrew, which can occur when drilling in softer ice) you can ”kill” edge by gradually increasing the sear angle.
  • By turning parts 90 degrees relative to each other, the diamond surfaces visible, can be used when you sharpening your fish hooks.
  • To facilitate the work of browning curved cuts you can preform the brow slightly.
  • In need of cleaning press the black pin from sharpeners bottom and take apart the brow.
  • Clean the brow with hot water, brush and detergent or other suitable cleaner. For dry cleaning you can use an eraser.

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